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Virtuoso IT Solution
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Virtuoso IT Solution
Virtuoso IT solutions
Virtuoso IT solutions
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Virtuoso IT solutions
Virtuoso IT solutions
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HR Payroll Management Software:

Our payroll management software system will meet all your business requirements. Payroll management system will automatically maintain your business laws, and specific requirement of your company. staff payroll software is desktop based software that enable companies to generate pay slips, it's also take care of leaves, allowances, advance, bonus, gross pay, net pay etc.

Using our HR payroll management system as a software gives you the fully independence over the management. This payroll software product with various latest features can be availed at affordable price.

Using Our HR Payroll Management Software, you can:

  • Respond more efficiently to audits.
  • only by people with suitable access.
  • Check out shared documents to improve collaboration.
  • Give authorized users rapid access to all documents with a single click.
  • Manage all payroll-related information, such as attendance sheets, leaves and tax forms.
  • Keep information secure with security architecture that ensures important files are viewed.

HR Payroll Management System Gives you the Power to:

  • Manage Employee Information.
  • Generate Pay-Slip with just a click.
  • Define the emoluments, deductions.
  • Generate all the reports related to employee, leave etc.
  • Manage the payroll processes according to the salary structure.

The Main User of HR Payroll Management Software would be:

  • Administrator
  • HR Department
  • Account Department
  • Management
  Admin, who creates/edit a master data, and would assign roles to members for accessing the proposed solution. HR department would enter all the records, process the payroll and generates reports. Account Department would be amenable for all employee finance related transactions like, advances, salary generation, deductions, PF management, and other related reports.

Management would be able to view all reports generated through departments.
  Users case reports:
  Administrator is admin the of payroll management system who creates the department, users and assigns roles.
  Rights of Administrator:
  • Department creation
  • Assigning features to department
  • User management
  • All roles of HR department
  • All roles of account department
  Department Admin has the Following functions:
  Master Menu:
  • Holidays
  • Bank details
  • Asset details
  • Overtime setting
  • Upload documents
  • Create financial year
  • Employee verification
  • Pay components creation
  • Leave and leave configuration
  • Shift and shift parameter settings
  • Configure PF/ESI/PT/TDS settings
  • Blood group, qualification, category
  • Location, unit, level, grade, domicile etc.
  • Department, sub department, designation, language
  System Parameters:
Company parameters
Company details
PF, ESI, PT parameters
Change password
Set code for employees
  Import-Export Records:
Import PF
Import-export reimbursement
Import-export salary structure
Import-export employee details
Import FNF employees in bulk
Import-export PF opening balance
Import-export attendance or configure with biometrics etc
Employee details
Employee nomination
Employee bank account
Select employee pay mode
Full and finalize employee
Employee personality details
Payment made to employee via cheque
Employee search and birthday reminder etc
  Employee Other Details:
Document details
Disciplinary action type
Disciplinary action details
Employee reference details
Employee discipline action details
  User Administration:
User master
Create user rights
User group creation
  Leave Transaction:
Assign leave code
Leave without pay
Leave assignment details
Leave encashment details
Slab details
Tax settings
Tax deduction
Income tax slab
Manual tax entry
Form 16 generation
Auto tax calculation
  PF Reports:
PF challan
PF form 3A
PF form 6A
PF Monthly report
  ESI Reports:
Monthly ESI challan
ESI half yearly report
ESI challan details
  Salary Reports:
Monthly Salary Structure
Monthly Salary Slip/Register Generation
Print Check report
  • Tax Related Reports:
  • Challan Details
  • Employee Monthly Tax Details
  • Form 12 B A
  • Employee Other Details:
  • Employee Attendance Detail List
  • Employee Document Details
  • Employee Extra Curricular Details
  • Bank List:
  • List Of Bank
  • Employee Bank Details
  • Employee Branch Details
  • Contact Details List:
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Cost Center
  • Region
  • Location
  • Department
  • Level
  • Grade
  • Address
  • Report by Following Parameters:
  • Qualification
  • Language
  • Department
  • Category
  • Sub Department
  • Designation
  • Holidays
  • Employee Details:
  • List of Employees
  • Leave Details:
  • Leave Detail List
  • Leave Without Pay
  • Leave Encashment And Sanction
  • Account Functions:
  • ESIC Challan
  • Wage Register
  • Salary Register
  • Deductions if any
  • Salary Generation
  • P.F. Management reports
  • ESIC FORMS Form 6 & 7
  • Employee Loan & Advances
  • Forms like 3a, 5, 6a, 9, 10, 12a can be generated
  • Income Tax FORMS Form 16a, Form 16AA, 12BA, 24 etc
  The user for this department will be created by admin with roles & privileges.
  • Management Reports:
  • Tax report
  • List of holidays
  • Staffs leave report
  • Salary slips of staff
  • Salary Hold / Release
  • View Report of staff salary
  • View loans & advances given
  • On roll & off rolls employee report
  • View department wise attendance report
  We welcome you at our Company, and we make you sure that your experience with us will be appreciated by you.

Call us now at +91 9984585777 or contact us for a payroll software quote.
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